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Pinot Noir
A.O.C. 1er CRU
Coteau de Bourdigny
Château des Bois,
van Berchem Proprietors - Satigny

Pinot Noir
Grape Variety: Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir came to us from Burgundy where its noble inheritance derives from the painstaking work of the monks. Wine of Kings, it was distributed throughout the Empire to satisfy the needs of Princes and Lords.

In Switzerland it is the most planted grape variety: 4500ha in 2005, with 126ha in Geneva. Sometimes criticised, or even maligned in favour of its southern neighbours considered warmer, more powerful and mouth-filling, it is nevertheless one of the most noble and distinguished of the northern grape varieties, an example of elegance and refinement.

Its roots draw the greatest expression from limestone-based soils, on gentle slopes with good exposure to the sun, without an excess of heat or humidity. It can reveal, by means of human skill, the quintessence of finesse and complexity.

Deep red in colour with some hints of orange; an ample bouquet of cherry jam and blackberries. Rounded flavours evolve in the harmonious mid-palate. Light tannins underpin a warm, fruity finish.

Ageing potential
Drink within three years.


Ideal serving temperature

Food suggestions
Red meat.

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