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Pinot Gris
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Pinot Gris
Grape Variety: Pinot Gris
Malvoisie in the Valais, Beurot in Burgundy, Ruländer in Germany, Pinot Grigio in Italy, and for a long time incorrectly called Tokay in Alsace (since 1997 the appellation Tokay has been restricted to use in Hungary) - so many synonyms demonstrate the great geographical diversity of this variety.

Its origin is said to be a mutation of Pinot Noir, the grey-red colour of the grapes is not very secure from a genetic point of view.
The distinctive white wines vary greatly according to their area of production: light, with a hint of sparkle when harvested early (Pinot Grigio), full-bodied and rich when fully ripe or luscious when super ripe (Auslese, Ruländer).

In Geneva, the wines are generally dry. With 197ha in Switzerland, 18ha in Geneva, it is the 5th most planted white variety. Having recently become fashionable in Switzerland, the last ten years has seen a 47% increase in plantations.

Yellow colour; intense bouquet with medium complexity dominated by fruit, especially Williams pears. An elegant flavour of quince jelly with freshness in the mid-palate balances this warm, ripe wine.

Ageing potential
Drink within two years.


Ideal serving temperature
8 - 10°C

Food suggestions
Accompanies hors d’œuvres, mushrooms, fish and even roast meats.

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