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Les Demoiselles
A.O.C. Genève
Château des Bois,
van Berchem Proprietors - Satigny

Les Demoiselles
Grape Variety: Chasselas
Chasselas is the most typical Swiss variety. Truly authentic, it has pride of place in the Swiss vineyards. Although the area planted with Chasselas has considerably reduced during the last few years, making way for other varieties, it is still the most planted white variety, with 290ha in Switzerland in 2005. Its origin is uncertain but could be oriental considering the conical shape of the bunches and the size of the grapes. In the French-speaking part of Switzerland, it has been planted on the shores of Lake Geneva since the 9th Century.

Chasselas juice has low acidity and a moderate level of sugar. Its relatively neutral flavours allow it to express the characteristics of the soils in which it is grown.

Medium yellow in colour; a ripe nose with lemony and floral notes. Supple in the mouth, fresh with good minerality.

Ageing potential
Drink now.


Ideal serving temperature
8 - 10°C

Food suggestions
Perfect for every occasion! Enjoyed as an aperitif, Chasselas is also a fine accompaniment for cheese, fondue and raclette. Ideal with lighter dishes.

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